Have you ever had a desire or passion so big every time you try to walk away from it somehow it feels like it keeps pulling you back? For those of you who had the privilege of meeting Ms. Superville-Barratt, you will realize her true passion is teaching (to be launched in 2020). She knew this was something she was destined to do, since the age of three or four years old. Her belief is that: Readers are Leaders.  

In 2019, Ms. Superville-Barratt embarked on an educational journey to read one book per week.  To date, she has read 50 books of which some have fueled her thoughts on money mindset and some have created new ways for her to impart more knowledge to you, her valuable clients.


For Destiny Planners Ltd 2019 was the year of lessons, restructuring, renewing and expansion to tweak our brand to truly reflect our mission.  Destiny Planners Ltd’s goal is to educate as many individuals as possible, KNOWLEDGE is POWER. We believe that with proper money management and strategies, we all can reach our FINANCIAL GOALS and be FINANCIAL FREE.

This is what 2019 gave to Destiny Planners Ltd:

  1. In January, we launched #popthebottlechallenge2019 – this was created to help individuals and entrepreneurs learn and reprogram their money mindset. As we are all aware, life happens and most times things don’t ever go as planned. Therefore we have to learn to go with the flow and not stay on one’s spot just keep moving forward no matter what.
  2. In February, we launched Money Talk$ for teens – this was the brainchild of Ms. Superville-Barratt’s youngest son, Léon Barratt. He noticed in school his classmates was receiving money from their parents for travel and may be extra to spend and they used it wildly and didn’t understand the value of money and how to differentiate between wants and needs. He came up with the idea to teach young ones how to manage money and therefore  Ms. Superville-Barratt made it in easy knowledgeable themes for them to understand. She even created booklets for them which can be found on our website, Click Here.  In May, Ms. Superville-Barratt did her first training session with SEA students of Scholastic Academy. The children loved the information and were excited to learn more. This is when she knew this is something that should be taught to all children.
  3. In May, we launched Num83r5 Don’t Lie Entrepreneur Package, it was a one on one course which teaches non-technological entrepreneurs how to track and manage their business expenses using Excel worksheet with all the relevant formula to calculate their taxes.
  4. Also in May, we also completed our 2nd business photoshoot as part of our relaunching of our new website in September.
  5. In July, we completed our recertification of QuickBooks online.
  6. In June to September, there was a Tax Amnesty for both the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Ministry of Finance which was a big mess as Trinis always wait last minute even with the extension. Due to clients’ last-minute approach, the experience after this amnesty was just like in 2016 EXHAUSTING. We want to encourage entrepreneurs to have a proper automated system in place for their business and personal finances. This will help especially when you are only preparing your accounts once a year.
  7. In September, we Relaunched Our Website – this could not be possible without the following persons: 
    1. Sillon Dick – our best photographer who had us laughing and relaxed during the entire day. 
    2. Sherrine Dick – our seamstress who had us looking on point for this photoshoot. Mr. & Mrs. Dick is the best power couple one can have on their team.  
    3. Stacy Watson – our fierce makeup artist who ensured our faces were on point.  She even volunteered as a fill-in in a few of our photos. 
    4. Natasha Superville – our natural hairstylist for Ms. Superville-Barratt. 
    5. Celebrity Cut – our barber for Ms. Superville.
    6. Jenelle K Fensom – our bag designer who custom handmade all Destiny Planners Ltd clutches, tote bags and travel bags.
    7. Natalie O’Brien – our web developer who always there with Ms. Superville-Barratt when there are any problems with our website. 
    8. Tammi Barnes – our virtual assistant who proofread all our content on our website before it was launched.  
    9. Letetia Superville-Barratt – our in-house designer for creating some of the pictures on the website such as those tablets and booklets. Remember always surround yourself with people who think on your level and who will push you to the next level. #TeamDP
  8. In September, we launched our Virtual Accounting Package for entrepreneurs because we believe it is time to go digital and to save the trees. It makes it easy for Destiny Planners Ltd to access your data when it’s on the cloud especially when you are having a problem or an issue. We currently have a special offer to get your 2019 taxes completed on or before April 30th. Click now to Register.
  9. Launching of our DP Academy in November – this was created to help the non-technological entrepreneurs, who view technology as not their friend.  
    1. This was a breakout from the Num83r5 Don’t Lie Entrepreneur Package.  
    2. It also includes a Dare 2 Dream Entrepreneur Package which teaches entrepreneurs how to move from idea to enterprise. This was birth due to the heavy entrepreneurial influx of teenagers wanting to start a business and don’t know where to start. This again was another idea from Ms. Superville-Barratt’s youngest son, Léon Barratt.

2020, we are planning to do more for you:

  • Teaching you more about Profit First System.
  • Teaching more about Investing in your retirement nest especially now in your working years.
  • Teaching more about saving and tithing or giving.
  • Retraining your money mindset. 
  • Creating avenues for passive income.
  • Understanding your tax obligations and using all the relevant allowances available to your disposal.

2020 you have to be hungry and willing to change your approach in how you do business. Our approach with clients this year is TOUGH LOVEDestiny Planners Ltd cannot do the work for you.  It’s your business so you have to own it.


2020 expects to see Destiny Planners Ltd, doing more for you only if you are willing to put in the work. We would like to leave you with 2 powerful quotes: 


  • Get wisdom! Get understanding! Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.  Proverbs 4:5, 7
  • Time is money💰.  Are you using your time ⏳ wisely?  

Find your sweet spot and keep on moving forward into 2020 with a positive, knowledgeable mindset.

Happy New Year from the Management and Staff of Destiny Planners Ltd.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford