Entrepreneurs always ask me can I change my business name after I have registered my business.  You will need the following to proceed forward:

Step 1

  • Obtain a Name Approval/Name Reservation: Form 25 fill out numbers 1 to 6 as normal but in number 7, tick Change of Name and complete No 8

  • Write a letter addressed to Registrar Office stating your reason for the business name change and state the current company name and its company registration number which usually starts as BN1234 for Sole Traders and Partnership and Limited Liability starts as C2856(95).

  • Pay a filing Fee $25 at Ministry of Legal Affairs

Step 2

·         Business Bank Account

o   You need to open a new business bank account because of the business name change.  There MUST be a separation to show between what the business is actually generating and the individual.

Step 3

·         B.I.R. Registration

o   You are required by law to have a B.I.R. number for your entity.  This too will change as you have changed the business name.  Please note there are NO FEES attached to this service offered by the Ministry of Finance except if this task is performed by a third party for the organization.

The approval for any of the above business registration can take about two weeks comprising of four working days for Name Approval and another four working days for new Incorporation documents once everything runs smoothly.