Do-It-Yourself Taxation for Entrepreneurs: 

$402 US

*Day 1 – Income
*Day 1 – Purchase and Expenses

*Day 2 – Bank Reconciliation
*Day 2 – Fixed Assets and Depreciation

*Day 3 – Finalization of Accounts
*Day 3 – Tax preparation and filing return with eTax or Tax Return

Participants need a cloud based accounting software

Tax Course: 

$86 US

* Showing you how to do your Quarterly Taxes using a simple excel schedule. It will have the relevant formula which you will receive once you attend this course.
* We will be discussing the 11 ways you can effectively reduce your taxes as a citizen.
* We will go through how to fill your tax return online using eTax. We will give you a video as well on it.

Payroll Training :


* Calculation of P.A.Y.E.
* Calculation of N.I.S.
* Calculation of Health Surcharge
* Preparation of TD4s
* Using TD1s

V.A.T. Training : 


• Sales V.A.T.
• Input V.A.T.
• Purchases V.A.T.
• Understanding your V.A.T. period
• Understanding your payment period
• Understanding penalties for late payment
• Understanding how to properly fill the V.A.T. form

LevelUp WorkShop for Individuals:

$109 US

* Analyzing your income sources
* Categorizing your spending habits
* Reviewing your investments and saving portfolio
* Looking for ways to increase your Emergency Fund.
* Including Personal budget 50/30/20