Our Year End Review

15 years ago we made our dream a reality by registering our company ANGEL SERVICES where our aim was to assist startup and veteran businesses to make valuable management decisions, all geared toward assisting entrepreneurs secure themselves against bankruptcy. 7 years ago our CEO Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt took that leap of faith and decided to [...]

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How To Live Debt Free

Today…how to live debt free. A life without payments is very different from one with payments. Debt free living means saving up for things. It means making sacrifices and resisting impulse purchases. It means limiting the amount of money you waste each month. If you always have debts to pay and you find it hard to pay your debt then you should [...]

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?Collaboration? Is The Key To Success

Small business owners can sometimes feel like it's a dog-eat-dog world out there. If you fall behind, even for a moment, a business with greater resources could swoop in and take your customers. But competition among businesses doesn't always have to mean war. Instead of viewing other companies only as competitors, business owners should look [...]

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Surviving Recession As An Entrepreneur

So how does an entrepreneur succeed in a recession with rising unemployment and consumers watching their spending? Become indispensable:  Show that your product or service is part of the solution by pointing out the consequences that could occur if they don’t use your product or service. Invest in the future:  Most recessions last only a [...]

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Pride In Your Work As An Entrepreneur

There is an old saying, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Your work is a manifestation of you. It speaks to your attention to detail, your level of creativity and your level of quality. Taking pride in your work means to do your work not only with attention to detail but also with the [...]

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Habits of an Entrepreneur

Last week we spoke about the characteristics or traits of a successful entrepreneur. This week we will touch of the habits need to navigate the world of business.  Working for yourself can bring many rewards, but it also comes with just as many challenges. Take a look at the questions below. They can help you [...]

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Characteristics of An Entrepreneur

So you’ve got your business idea.  Thought about the company name and logo.  But do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?  Let’s look at the characteristics of an entrepreneur… Characteristic [kar-ik-tuh-ris-tik] Noun:  a distinguishing feature or quality For many, entrepreneurship is mysterious and starting a business is only for special people. While entrepreneurship is not for [...]

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