How To Live Debt Free … Part 9

This week...snowballing and stacking Snowballing is that you list your debts in order of lowest dollar amount owed to highest dollar amount owed. You pay every extra penny you have toward the weakest while paying only the minimum monthly payment on the rest.   When one debt is paid, you take the money you were [...]

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How To Live Debt Free … Part 7

This week…make some extra money   Make some extra money It’s easier to cut spending than make more money but if you’re in a lot of debt, working only one job might just be your answer.  You need to have at least one additional income stream until you are out of the woods.  However, if [...]

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How To Live Debt Free

Today…how to live debt free. A life without payments is very different from one with payments. Debt free living means saving up for things. It means making sacrifices and resisting impulse purchases. It means limiting the amount of money you waste each month. If you always have debts to pay and you find it hard to pay your debt then you should [...]

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Investment Income : Mutual Funds Part 2

This week… How to select a mutual fund and the pros and cons of investing in a mutual fund…   How do I select a fund that's right for me?  Every fund has a particular investing strategy, style or purpose; some, for instance, invest only in established companies. Others invest in start-up businesses or specific sectors. [...]

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Investment Income : Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are perhaps the easiest and least stressful way to invest in the market. In fact, more new money has been introduced into funds during the past few years than at any time in history. Before you jump into the pool and start throwing your money at mutual funds, you should know exactly what [...]

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What do to when you win a Lottery or Lotto? Part 2

So Saturday’s estimated lotto jackpot is $28M, we will talk a little about planning for the future after winning the lotto.   Invest prudently.  Don't show up at the teller’s counter with a check for millions—talk to the bank's upper management or private banking department ahead of time to discuss the best options for holding [...]

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What do to when you win a Lottery or Lotto?

The jackpot for Saturday’s (at the time of writing) Lotto is an estimated $22M.   If you win it, you won't ever have to worry about money again--right?  Wrong. With good money management you--and your heirs--could live handsomely for many, many years. But from the moment that you claim that prize, you will be descended upon [...]

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Passive Income for Passive Bills – BitCoin vs One Coin

Last week, we described the OneCoin concept.  This week we will compare BitCoin and One Coin…   In marketing brochure, a group of OneCoin members wrote that they came out from their comfort zone, they saw the vision”. They spoke of the number of people they’ve recruited – 20… 100… even 1,000 in one case. [...]

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Passive Income for Passive Bills – OneCoin

The OneCoin programme has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years. As a result, there is a lot of information out there. A lot of people seem to think OneCoin is a far better investment compared to Bitcoin but it is a programme that aims to piggyback on the success of existing [...]

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Understanding the Forex Market

So we are all eager to begin trading on the Forex Market, but before we start, let’s familiarize ourselves with some terms and jargon that you will encounter on your trading journey…     Cross rate – The currency exchange rate between two currencies, both of which are not the official currencies of the country [...]

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