How To Live Debt Free … Part 9

This week...snowballing and stacking Snowballing is that you list your debts in order of lowest dollar amount owed to highest dollar amount owed. You pay every extra penny you have toward the weakest while paying only the minimum monthly payment on the rest.   When one debt is paid, you take the money you were [...]

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How To Live Debt Free … Part 5

This week…the small stuff - daily habits, shopping, and gym membership   The small stuff This is only for those people in debt. If you’re just looking for more money to invest or save, you don’t need to watch every cent and never buy little things like coffee on the way to work. But if you [...]

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The 50/30/20 Rule of Thumb for Budgeting…Part 2

This week the 30 & 20%...   Limit Your "Wants" to 30 Percent This sounds great on the surface. Can you put 30 percent of your money toward your wants? Hello, shoes, weekend trip to Tobago, liming every Friday? Not so fast. Remember how strict we were with the definition of a "need"? Your "wants" [...]

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Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs

So last week we spoke about “intaxication” for personal taxes.  This week we will look at “business intaxication” Remember we told you in our earlier articles that business expenses were tax deductible?  Well how about looking at your inventory and see what new equipment you need? Maybe a blower for your landscaping business? A bigger [...]

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Why You Need An Accountant

As a small-business owner, you probably thrive in a DIY environment; but the more hats you wear, the less you’ll accomplish successfully. Accounting is one of the most important areas for keeping your company profitable. As you start out and your company grows, software can only take you so far. Accountants can help your company [...]

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Personal Budgeting

Today we will like to speak to you about PERSONAL BUDGETING. You might be wondering why we are discussing personal budgeting and saving as part of a entrepreneurship series but remember personal habits roll over into your business ethic.  Also banks will look at your personal finances before underwriting a business loan. Making and using [...]

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Components of a Budget

Last week, we spoke about the importance of business budget for entrepreneurs.  Let’s look at the basic components of a business budget: Sales and other revenues:  These figures are a budget's "cornerstone." Try to make these estimates as accurate as possible, but err on the side of being conservative if you have to. "Everyone would like [...]

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