Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs

So last week we spoke about “intaxication” for personal taxes.  This week we will look at “business intaxication” Remember we told you in our earlier articles that business expenses were tax deductible?  Well how about looking at your inventory and see what new equipment you need? Maybe a blower for your landscaping business? A bigger [...]

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Tax Planning for Individuals

“INTAXICATION”!  Did you know this word even existed? We sure didn't! It is the intoxicating feeling you get when you complete your taxes! It’s an AWESOME feeling, right? Do you know if you plan your taxes right, you will NEVER have REFUNDS?  This increase your monthly tax home pay and That REFUND which you will [...]

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Tax Obligation for Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, you are required by law to have a B.I.R. number for your entity whether sole trader, partnership, limited liability or non-profit organization.  Please note there are NO FEES attached to this service offered by the Ministry of Finance except if this task is performed by a third party for the entity such [...]

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