Discover how to get your finances in order with our various financial services.  Furthermore, every individual should know this is a form of self love!



In other words, when we hear the phrase “self love”. Immediately, we think about treating ourselves, looking good, etc. However, getting your finances in order is usually the last thing on your mind.


Our goal was to create simple financial systems and services to help you. Especially, as we know life can be very busy. Also, you may have setbacks beyond your control.

Thus, let us help you put structure in your finances.

Meanwhile, you continue working on your financial goals. We’ve developed various skills that helped us create a solid business strategy. As a result, we’re offering all this know-how to you in our services.

Benefits for Using Our Services

Digital System

We will help you stay organized and make tracing easier too.

Remote Services

You don’t need to provide us with office space.

One on One Support

Depending on your package, we can meet once per month or every quarter.

Featured Services

Best Services for Entrepreneurs and Individuals


Do you dislike keeping proper record of your business activities?  Consider it handled.


Does the fear of taxes keep you up?  Therefore, leave the filing to us.

Credit Repairs and Financial Planning

Did you know proper financial management helps you have a healthy credit score?

Á la Carte Service

 A range of valuable offerings that cater to entrepreneurs’ needs throughout their business journey.

What clients are saying?

Sherrine Dick

Sheer Burst SkinCare

Sherrine Dick

Destiny Planners Limited is the exceptional accounting company that has been putting our (Inspired Mélange’s) finances in order.
Letetia and Michele are simply amazing.  Above all, very professional…accommodating, flexible and dedicated.  Particularly, with helping me capitalize on all the benefits available to me in the accounting realm.
Apart from that I’m no accountant.  I’m definitely learning and growing as we continue to work together. In short, I’d recommend Destiny Planners Ltd to other business owners as the go to company for all your accounting needs. You won’t regret working with them.

Jason Marcano


Jason Marcano

I loved the experience. Although, I only did a consultation with them.  They took the time to break down the entire procedure of what needed to be done. Overall, I love their professionalism and ability to simplify the process. Moreover, I highly recommend them.

Cassia Henry

From Basic to Branded Consultancy Limited

Cassia Henry

Destiny Planners is quick, timely and efficient. Letetia of Destiny Planners makes accounting less stressful. Indeed, it’s still stressful.  Now, she makes it pleasant and actually a lot of fun.  Well, once I am not doing it.  But the overall task of getting it done and understanding finances and your tax obligations.  Definitely,  she makes it easier to swallow with her upbeat and pleasant persona.

In short, I love having her as part of my business team.  As she has been a support to my business in many many ways. Thank you Letetia for being more than just an accountant, but also a mentor and supportive to all business goals and much much more!!!

You cannot go wrong with Destiny Planners, time to get your finances in a gear, with Destiny Planners there is nothing to fear!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have Accounting Software for your business?

  • Save money because you reduce your accountant work load
  • Accurate data and proper reporting
  • More time to invest into other aspect of your business
  • Good financial structure

What accounting software do you recommend?

  • WAVE ACCOUNTING is a FREE cloud based accounting software which is great for startup entrepreneurs who are still learning their market. It’s simple and easy to use.If you had it before 2020.
  • ZOHO BOOKS is another FREE cloud based accounting.  Bear in mind, the FREE option, you can only do up to 1,000 invoices.
  • QUICKBOOKS ONLINE, let us mention, we are QuickBooks Pro-Advisor. QuickBooks has many features which we love coming from an accounting background.
    • SIMPLE – basic package with 1 user and accountant;
    • ESSENTIAL which has estimates, 3 users and an accountant.
    • PLUS which has inventory, estimates, 5 users, accountant and many other lovely features.

Do you offer a payment plan for your services?

  • Yes, we do offer a payment plan.
  • It is a 3 months payment plan.


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