Signs that your business is failing…Part 2

This week we conclude our article on “Signs that your business is failing”   Underestimating the Role of Technology:  It’s important to recognise the impact of technology and its role in determining how and when consumers make purchasing decisions. In a few short years, smartphones and tablets have fundamentally changed the way people shop for, [...]

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Signs that your business is failing

The world of business is a cutthroat industry where, as a business owner, you sink or swim.     When running a business, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on your business operations at all times so that you’ll see the early warning signs that may suggest your business is starting to fail.   [...]

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Entrepreneur – A Jack of All Trades

So you have started your business and there are times when you feel so overwhelmed that you just feel like throwing in your hat and quitting.   Here are a few tips on how you should spend your time on each of the roles that you will have to play or for purposes of this [...]

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E-Commerce…Part 2

This week…the other five steps to optimise your online store.   Powerful Content:  As online tools and techniques move change, so do online users – they have become more demanding and savvy to marketing techniques. This encourages powerful content! Using techniques such as blogging can make the difference between bland and content with oomph!   [...]

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The competition with ecommerce is continuously increasing due to the evolution of online shopping and the choice it offers to the modern-day consumer. To stay competitive within ecommerce, it is important to constantly attract new customers to your site. But how do you attract a customer who is constantly changing their online needs? Here are [...]

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What Percentage of Business Expenses should be Payroll?…Part 2

Today…how to keep your payroll expenses under control. Your payroll expenses can make or break your business, so you have to keep them under control. One approach is to calculate them as a percentage of gross sales, but there's no one-size-fits-all rule for what that percentage should be. Some consultants recommend shooting for a 15 [...]

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What Percentage of Business Expenses should be Payroll?

Payroll's percentage of a company's expense account often depends on the type of business or industry involved. For example, service industries typically have higher payroll costs. From an overall financial standpoint, businesses that pay out 20 to 30 percent of gross revenue in payroll expenses generally are doing OK. Payroll takes up a significant portion [...]

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Recession Christmas

This is not a time to keep up a pretense of wealth and "anything goes". Everyone knows we are in a recession and although not everyone suffers equally, it is well understood that only the foolish spend money unwisely during such a time. Explain to family members that expectations in the gift department must be [...]

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Business Security during the Holidays

For entrepreneurs, the holiday season is both a dream and a nightmare. The significant increase in shoppers does wonders for a bottom line but as your store begins to fill up, dishonest shoppers and employees will see it as a more appealing place to take what they’d like without stopping to pay the bill.   [...]

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