After a 2-week hiatus we conclude our series on “Monetising your Blog”


Consultancy:  You could monetise your blog by offering consultancy in your specific niche. You need to have a large number of followers and have built a good reputation in your field for this method to earn you money. You can offer one-on-one consulting to people over the phone or via Skype for a fixed rate. People would be willing to pay a premium for this service as they are paying for your undivided attention for an hour or more.


For example, you have built a reputation as being an expert in health and fitness and have a successful blog talking about methods of weight-loss and healthy eating. You could offer a consultancy service, where for one hour a day people can arrange to talk to you via web-cam to plan out a personal tailored exercise regime. You can charge for the hour and the individual might not need to contact you until the next month.


As previously stated, you do need a reputation for this to generate money. This is not a method for a start-up website, but it could be something to aim for in the future as you grow your website.


Surveys & Polls: You can place surveys and polls from companies on your website that will pay you for that service.  You can sign up to these sites and choose a particular survey/poll that will fit in with the content on your website. Visitors to your site can participate in voting, whilst you get paid for displaying it.


Paid Directory Listings:  This method is an alternate way of selling advertising. Unlike displaying ads on the page, you allocate space on your website to list links to different companies and services that are related to your niche.


For example, a blog about graphic design could have a separate page that displays links to professional graphic design companies and freelance graphic designers.  You charge to display these links on your website. You can guarantee that the links will be seen by X amount of people per month and you can charge a monthly fee. If you had a list consisting of 500 people and charged them $5 a month, you would make $2500 per month!


So what do you think?  How many of these methods do/can you use on your website/blog?  Do you use any other methods to monetise your blog that aren’t listed here?  Let us know your views by sending us a comment!


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