About Us

Destiny Planners, formerly known as Angel Services, is a company founded by Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt in March 2003.  The primary aim of the company is to assist startup and skilled businesses in making valuable management decisions.  Moreover, helping entrepreneurs secure themselves against bankruptcy.

In February 2011, Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt took the courageous leap of faith of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Moreover, she dedicated herself to building and growing the company. Nevertheless facing challenges, including managing a young and growing family, she carried on. Subsequently, the business name was changed to Destiny Planners.

Equally important, in March 2014, Ms. Michele Superville joined the company as a full-time entrepreneur, partnering with Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt.  Similarly, their joint aim is to educate individuals about proper money management strategies and change clients’ mindsets about money.

As well, in December 2016, Destiny Planners officially became a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Thereby, formalizing our legal status.

Over the years, Destiny Planners has met and helped many individuals and entrepreneurs from various walks of life.  In short, we recognized a common problem among entrepreneurs.  Most importantly, their main challenge is managing their money.  As a result, we emphasize the importance of changing one’s mindset about money before moving forward.  In particular, if your understanding of money may have been negatively impacted in the past.

Last of all, remember the road to success is not straight and narrow.  Moreover, it can be difficult at times.  Most importantly, just keep moving forward.  Ultimately, do not stop until you accomplish your goals.  

Our Objectives

Business Vision

Business Vision

Destiny Planners Ltd believes that NUM83R5 DON’T LIE. We believe that with proper money management and strategies, we all can reach our FINANCIAL GOALS and be FINANCIAL FREE.

Business Mission

Business Mission

Destiny Planners Ltd goal is to educate as many individuals as possible, KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

Benefits of Working with us

Innovative Approach

We love Bookkeeping. In general, Consider it’s done!

Flexible Courses

In other words, you pick your program and your schedule.

Extraordinary Support

Always get your questions answered.

Our Team

Michele Marin
Michele MarinBookkeeping Specialist
Letetia Superville Barratt
Letetia Superville BarrattFinancial Educator

Resources to Buy

Tracking Expenses

These are simple stationery systems to help you organize your business expenses.

Entrepreneur Books

These are great books from fellow entrepreneurs to give you encouragement on this journey.

Saving Pan and Envelopes

These are simple saving systems to help you add financial structure to your finances.

Mindset Books

Change occurs in your mind.  These mindset books will be a great addition.