We are Michele Marin, the Bookkeeper Specialist and Letetia Superville-Barratt, the Financial Educator.

We teach individuals, startups and skilled entrepreneurs how to manage money effectively.  Likewise reduce your taxes.  Most importantly build wealth for your future.  Definitely, money management is acritical to financial success.

Therefore, we believe proper financial management is essential for both your personal and business growth.  In addition to sharing our expertise and strategies. We empower you to make informed decisions by improving your financial situations.  Overall working towards achieving your goals.

In addition, if you have any specific questions or you’d like to discuss further.  Please feel free to let us know.  We are dedicated to helping you manage your finances properly.

Best Services for Entrepreneurs and Individuals


Do you dislike keeping a proper record of your business activities? Consider it handled.


Does the fear of taxes keep you up?  Therefore, leave the filing to us.

Credit Repairs & Financial Planning

Did you know proper financial management helps you have a healthy credit score?

Á la Carte Service

 A range of valuable offerings that cater to entrepreneurs’ needs throughout their business journey.

Best Education for Entrepreneurs

Business Startup Kit

Indeed, helping you start off right by combining our best courses & service for any startup entrepreneur.


Moreover giving you the learning skills you need to manage your business right on our own.  Also, pay your taxes.


In addition to learning how to manage your business activities.  It is one on one training with us.

Financial Literacy
Lectures & Workshops

Saving money is the foundation for building financial security.  Along with investments and increasing your wealth.

Á la Carte Training

Additional resources & educational options to support startup entrepreneurs on your journey.

Equally Important Resources for Entrepreneurs and Individuals

Tracking Expenses

These are simple stationery systems to help you organize your business expenses.

Entrepreneur Books

These are great books from fellow entrepreneurs to give you encouragement.

Saving Pan & Envelopes

These are simple saving systems to help you add financial structure to your finances.

Mindset Books

Change occurs in your mind.  These mindset books will be a great addition.

I give them 10/10…..

Before contacting the team at Destiny Planners, I was genuinely confused and frustrated with my finances. In general, our 15 min consultation turned into a 1 hour long conversation about all the things I needed to improve in order to be where I want to be. Moreover, I can’t express how grateful I am for their continuous help.  Definitely, I’d suggest every person, especially entrepreneurs reach out to the team at Destiny Planners for help! To sum it up, they’re extremely patient, professional and knowledgeable in their field. Overall, I give them 10/10!

Gabrielle Mollineau

Without a doubt, gain confidence in your finances.

Along with having control once and for all without feeling stressed about where to start! 

For this reason, book a FREE 15 mins consultation Today!