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Live Courses

Our Live Courses, particularly the Business Boot Camp Basic and Business Boot Camp Advance entrepreneur startup courses, offer interactive learning options for startup entrepreneurs.  In fact, this interactive nature adds more value to you.  Hence, allowing you to actively engage with the material and other fellow entrepreneurs.  Thereby, promoting an enriching learning experience for you.

Moreover, the hands-on practical learning experience allows you to use the learning process immediately in your business.  This concept of learning makes it more effective to your advantage.

The one-week duration of these sessions is ideal for entrepreneurs with busy schedules. Especially for those who prefer an intensive learning format.  Thereby, making it convenient for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, with the support system provided through our Membership Program.  Hence, showing our commitment to helping entrepreneurs continuously improve their skills. Indeed, you will receive personalized guidance.  Hence ensuring you receive the help and advice when needed. 

The details of your session are sent directly to your inbox. And, every session is recorded for your convenience to review when need be, 

In short, you will be equipped with essential financial knowledge and skills.  Moreover, you will be empowered to make better financial decisions for both their businesses and personal lives.

Our Live Courses

Business BootCamp Basic

Our Business Bootcamp Basic is an essential financial management skills and knowledge that will empower you to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. During the bootcamp, you will have the opportunity to learn.  Thus, you apply practical techniques for better budgeting, managing cash flow, and understanding tax and legal obligations specific to your business type.

$250TTD per course

  • Day 1 – Personal Budget + Pay Yourself First System + digital worksheets on personal budget.

  • Day 2 – Business Budget + Selling Price + digital worksheets on business budget.

  • Day 3 –  Cash Flow Projection + Profit First System + tax and legal obligations as per your business type + digital worksheets on cash flow projection and tax.

  • Certificate of Participation

Investment $250 TTD per course
– Book 2 courses, get $50 Off.
– Book all 3 courses, get $100 off.

Business BootCamp Advance


This course teaches you how to manage your money and record it using Cloud Based Accounting Software and Excel Worksheets.  Cloud-based accounting software (ZOHO Books or QuickBooks) offers many benefits.  Hence including real-time data access, automatic updates and the ability to work with others.  Hereby using the Excel Worksheets, you can track and analyze your financial data very easily.

  • Day 1 – Personal Budget + Business Budget + Paying Yourself + Selling Price

  • Day 2 – Cash Flow Projection + Chart of Accounts + Invoicing either QuickBooks or Excel

  • Day 3 – Purchases + Expenses + Fixed Assets

  • Day 4 – Bank Reconciliation + Payroll Taxes + Value Added Taxes

  • Day 5 – Taxes

  • Passion2Profit Ebook + Certificate of Participation

Investment $1,750 TTD
– Book 5 days before the session, get $250 off – $1,500TTD.

What students are saying?

Onika Edwards


Onika Edwards

I’m so glad to have found this company. Especially Letetia, she’s a straight shooter either via mobile or in person she spoke to me in a language I understood and has guided me at the drop of a hat.  I completed the Business Bootcamp Basic Course.  The course brought some points home for me.  I was one to do commingling in my business. Especially during the pandemic, I was able to take the time to learn and understand my break even point for my business.

The entire team’s personal touch is highly commendable and I am beyond grateful to have them in my corner.

Anthony Ganesh


Anthony Ganesh

I took the Business BootCamp Advance Course.  Overall, I was very much satisfied with my class. Especially, as Letetia always took her time and made sure that you understood everything before she moved on. In short, I would definitely recommend the Business BootCamp Advance Course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 80-20 rule and how to apply it to business or personal life?

  • Primary Expenses (groceries, loan payments, utilities, etc.) – 50%
  • Secondary Expenses (party, weekend getaway, shopping sprees, etc.) – 30%
  • Investments (retirement funds, emergency funds, reduce debts, etc.)– 20%

What is the Profit First System?

You are taking your PROFIT FIRST before TAXES, PAYING YOURSELF and then pay off all your other business expenses.

Therefore, you need to set up 4 bank accounts:

  • Profit Account
  • Tax Account
  • Pay Yourself Account
  • Chequing Account


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