The competition with ecommerce is continuously increasing due to the evolution of online shopping and the choice it offers to the modern-day consumer. To stay competitive within ecommerce, it is important to constantly attract new customers to your site. But how do you attract a customer who is constantly changing their online needs? Here are seven ways to help our ecommerce business be the hub of new customer attraction.


Website Design:  The design of your site is a crucial element in attracting new customers. It only takes the average customer a matter of seconds to make their mind up as to whether or not they are going to buy from you. This short-spanned decision process predominately comes down to the aesthetics of your site, and how you portray your ecommerce company.


Your website is a tangible representation of your business; therefore, showcasing your site in a clean-cut and professional way is very important. It’s not just the visual appeal that matters – it is also the functionality, flexibility, and accessibility of your site. Having a well-developed design will help to prolong the customer decision-making process, and to encourage new customers to keep browsing.


Social Media and Online Marketing:  Social media provides various platforms for you to target and reach out to new customers.  It is not about how many likes or followers your business account holds, but how you engage on the platform. Receiving likes on your latest post is more often than not accumulated from your pre-existing followers and customers. To reach out to new customers, it is essential to push out rich content such as images, videos, and blogs, which are more likely to ignite a share from your current audience to others.


The concept of measuring social media engagement rates as a success has shifted to the rates of interaction.

  • Has your audience commented on your post?
  • Have you put forward interactive posts such as questions, quizzes, and competitions?

Using interaction and creating a social media connection with users is a great way to organically reach out and attract new customers.


Social media also allows for paid ads and boosted posts. Looking out for posts that are performing well organically, and boosting them will make a large impact on your social reach for attracting new customers.


Online marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, are all worth investing time and resources.   Search engine traffic is the number-one source for website visitors (for the vast majority of websites), so it is imperative for your ecommerce website to be fully optimised (more on this is a subsequent article).


It is a complex process, but in a nutshell it involves making sure that your website content contains relevant keywords and adheres to numerous best practices, and is also technically sound. It may not be the most glamourous online marketing task, but it will definitely boost your chances of being discovered by new customers on search engines.


Next week…the other five steps.


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