How To Live Debt Free … Part 9

This week...snowballing and stacking Snowballing is that you list your debts in order of lowest dollar amount owed to highest dollar amount owed. You pay every extra penny you have toward the weakest while paying only the minimum monthly payment on the rest.   When one debt is paid, you take the money you were [...]

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How To Live Debt Free … Part 7

This week…make some extra money   Make some extra money It’s easier to cut spending than make more money but if you’re in a lot of debt, working only one job might just be your answer.  You need to have at least one additional income stream until you are out of the woods.  However, if [...]

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How To Live Debt Free … Part 4

 Food If you keep a budget, and you should, you’ll probably see this category as one of your biggest money hemorrhages. If you aren’t tracking your spending, start now. You’ll likely be surprised and maybe horrified at how much you spend here.   Maybe you don’t like to cook; some people don’t, so you eat [...]

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The Income Rule

This week…why net worth is more important than income.     Why Net Worth Is More Important Than Income:  Most people interested in personal finance have a goal to build wealth so they can have options, whether it's traveling, switching careers, or simply retirement. In making that happen, it's important to focus on income – [...]

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The 50/30/20 Rule of Thumb for Budgeting…Part 2

This week the 30 & 20%...   Limit Your "Wants" to 30 Percent This sounds great on the surface. Can you put 30 percent of your money toward your wants? Hello, shoes, weekend trip to Tobago, liming every Friday? Not so fast. Remember how strict we were with the definition of a "need"? Your "wants" [...]

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Investing as An Entrepreneur

To succeed at running a business it takes confidence. You make decisions in a hurry, often with imperfect information. That’s life in the real world.  You take lots of risk with your business. Invest conservatively with the money you make. The most important investing decision you make is how you allocate your money among stocks, [...]

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Teaching Children to Save …Part 2

The earlier you start teaching your children to save money, the better off they’ll be given how important financial skills are to navigating life.  Last week we began the discussion on teaching children to save and today we introduce more sophisticated saving strategies for older children. First talk to your children about needs versus wants. Once [...]

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Teaching Our Children to Save

All of last week, we spoke about educating our young entrepreneurs (our children) about money and wealth management at an early age. As kids grow older, they will eventually learn about money with or without your help. However, if you make a conscious effort to teach your children about money, they are much more likely to [...]

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