Discover how to move from an idea to a registered business, set up business goals and open a business bank account with our courses every successful entrepreneur should know!



In other words, get the empowerment that comes from having proper financial structure in your business from the start.

Our goal was to create an easy, simplified system to help you start your business right and calculate your business taxes.  Particularly to make your entrepreneurial lifestyle hassle-free, easy and simple.

Without a doubt, you’re on the right track to building a successful business.

However, while you’re working towards your goals.  We need to tell you something really important. Throughout our career, we’ve developed various skills that helped us create a solid business strategy.  As, a result, we’re offering all this know-how to you in our courses.

Benefits for Taking Our Education

Practical Lessons

Learn using your financial data and practical exercises.  Your own data is the key.

Remote Learning

Study at your own pace – when and where you want.

One on One Support

Get your questions answered and help once per month.

Featured Education

Best Education for Entrepreneurs

Business Startup Kit

Indeed, helping you start off right by combining our best courses & service for any startup entrepreneur.


Moreover giving you the learning skills you need to manage your business right on our own.  Also, pay your taxes.


In addition to learning how to manage your business activities.  It is one on one training with us.

Financial Literacy
Lectures & Workshops

Saving money is the foundation for building financial security.  Along with investments and increasing your wealth.

Á la Carte Training

Additional resources & educational options to support startup entrepreneurs on your journey.

What students are saying?

Amanda Ramdeen


Amanda Ramdeen

This (Passion2Profit) course is a must for entrepreneurs!   Moreover, the course is broken down into easy-to-digest modules.  Definitely, you can learn at your own pace using the Profit First System. Additionally, Letetia and her team are extremely helpful.  Likewise, always willing to answer questions. Overall. I highly recommended this course!!!

Ben Niles


Ben Niles

This (Passion2Profit) course should be your first investment before doing anything with your business. In short, it answers all your questions.  Thereby, prevents you from making bad financial decisions.  Definitely, could cost you alot in the long run.

Adelle Joseph


Adelle Joseph

I initially signed up for this (Business Boot Camp Advance) course to learn how to assess the financial health of my business.  Indeed, I  gained sooooo much more. Especially, as a sole trader, a great deal of my personal funds are being pumped into my business.  As a result, I am at the point where I have lost track of how much. With the templates and information shared in this course.  I now have the tools and understanding how to manage both personal and business budgets.  Moreover, learning to track my activities effectively. Letetia is so pleasant, patient and full of knowledge.  Furthermore, she willingly shares.  If you’re on the fence, as I was.  I encourage you to take the leap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Business Boot Camp Advance Course and the Passion2Profit Course the same?

  • Yes, they are the same course.
  • Passion2Profit Entrepreneur Startup Courses is a self-paced learning option   However, you can take approximately between 7 to 8 weeks to complete.
  • On the other hand, the Business BootCamp Advance is a fast-paced live learning option held on google classroom.  Moreover, it is completed in five days.  Only on the month ends of the following months, namely February to July and September to November.

What topics are covered in Passion2Profit and Business Bootcamp Advance?

  • Fundamentals of starting the right business
    • Money plan aka a budget for both business and personal life
  • Setting up the right tools and mastering them
    • Calculating the selling price for product and services properly.
    • Calculating Profit margin
    • Understanding your break-even figures
  • Understanding Profit First and Pay Yourself Systems
    • Fixed Figure to withdraw for
      • Profit
      • Taxes
      • Paying yourself
  • Tracking your business activities
    • Record and scanning your activities
  • Calculating your taxes correctly
    • Taxes as sole trader, partnership and limited liability company

Do you offer a payment plan for your course?

  • Yes, we do offer a payment plan.
  • However, only on the Passion2Profit and Num83r5 Don’t Lie Courses, it is a 3 months payment plan.


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