Our Year End Review

15 years ago we made our dream a reality by registering our company ANGEL SERVICES where our aim was to assist startup and veteran businesses to make valuable management decisions, all geared toward assisting entrepreneurs secure themselves against bankruptcy. 7 years ago our CEO Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt took that leap of faith and decided to [...]

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Colour Psychology and Your Business Logo…Part 3

What different colours mean?   You need to pick your colours carefully to enhance specific elements of the logo and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone.  Every colour, including black and white, has implications for logo design. In general terms, bright and bold colours are attention-grabbing but can appear [...]

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Colour Psychology and Your Business Logo…Part 2

This week… fundamentals of colour (you might want to download a colour wheel). Colour fundamentals:  Trends change, but colour fundamentals stay the same. No matter what look you want to achieve, look to these classic colour relationships for ideas. Monochromatic: A monochromatic colour scheme uses colour variations that come from the same base hue. You [...]

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Competitive Advantage

Business is a game and only the team with the best players will win. To beat the competition requires everyone’s collective effort.  As the leader of your business it’s very important you enlist the support of everyone once you’ve agreed on the strategies to adopt in dealing with the competitors. Think of the mosquito… You [...]

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