Did you know this word even existed?
We sure didn’t!
It is the intoxicating feeling you get when you complete your taxes!
It’s an AWESOME feeling, right?


Do you know if you plan your taxes right, you will NEVER have REFUNDS?  This increase your monthly tax home pay and That REFUND which you will only receive when you FILE your TAX RETURN can be better used during the year by you.

So as the 2016 draws to a close, give yourself a gift of a tax evaluation.  Some areas to consider are:


  • Increase your annuity (Limited to $30,000 when combined with 70% N.I.S. contributions)
  • Get your deed of covenant signed and approved by the B.I.R. Office. (15% of total Income)
  • Install CNG kit in your vehicle (100% on total cost accompanied with ownership of vehicle and necessary bills)
  • Tertiary education bills (Limited to $60,000 with necessary bills and acceptance letter)
  • First Time Home Owner (Limited to $18,000 after Jan 1, 2011)
  • Install of Solar Water Heating Equipment (100% on total cost)
  • Alimony payment (100% deduction with copy of court order)
  • Venture capital investments (25% deduction accompanied with tax credit certificate)
  • Converted your home to a Guest house.  (100% deduction accompanied with a completion certificate).
  • Travel expenses if you are a travel officer, necessary B.I.R. approval needed (limited 2/3 of expenses)

So before the year ends, plan you taxes properly.  So in 2017 you will have a little extra every month.

So let’s get intoxicated!  There’s no breathalyzer involved!


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