Beneficial Interest/Ownership of Share Service


Our Beneficial Interest/Ownership of Share Service includes the submission of forms ensuring your business’ true owners are known and accountable.  In general, it aims to enhance corporate trust and transparency. Hence, this helps maintain your company’s legal standing and compliance with regulations.


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Beneficial Interest/Ownership of Share Service Requirements:

  • Access to CROS (Please ensure all directories and secretaries are register in CROS)
  • Previous year filed Form 42 and 45

Furthermore, our process are as follows:

  • You would be advised within 2 working days after reviewing your form, if there are any missing data.  An email notification sent to you.  Therefore, you will be responsible to call or text and up-date DESTINY PLANNERS LTD of any delays or the availability for collection of all requested missing data.

Additionally, our time frame:

  • The project takes approximately 5 working days, once there are no unforeseen incidents to hinder the process.


 Details are as follows:

  • Declaration of Beneficial Ownership (Form 42) – $60 per director
  • Return of Beneficial Interest in the Shares of a Company (Form 45) – $200
  • Return of Issuance or Transfer of Shares (Form 46) – $200

Payments are as follows:


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