Business Startup Kit (Live)


Our Business Startup Kit (Live), Business Boot Camp Advance entrepreneur startup course, offers interactive learning options for startup entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, the one-week duration of these sessions is ideal for entrepreneurs with busy schedules.

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Business Bank Account Requirements:

  • Money Earned
    • Sales/ Other Sales/Dividends
  • Money Spent
    • Cost of Sales/Utilities/Rent/Donations/Salaries/Motor Vehicle Expenses
  • Money Borrowed
    • Mortgage/Vehicle Loan/Credit Card/Equipment Loan
  • Money Investment
    • Pension/Shares/Life/Critical Illness/Health/Equipment

Furthermore, our process are as follows:

  • You would be advised within 2 working days after reviewing your form, if there are any missing data.  An email notification sent to you.  Therefore, you will be responsible to call or text and up-date DESTINY PLANNERS LTD of any delays or the availability for collection of all requested missing data.

Additionally, our time frame:

  • The project takes approximately 5 working days, once there are no unforeseen incidents to hinder the process.

Reduced price at $900TTD

Overall, you will receive a 3 Years Cash Flow based on Profit First system.  Along with notes, complimentary bank letter and opening balance sheet.

In addition, our Business BootCamp Advance Live Courses (5 days session), you will learn about:

  • Business and Personal Budget
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Recording your income 
  • Tracking your expenses where you use cash or cheque
  • Completing your bank reconciliation
  • Tracking your fixed asset and calculating depreciation
  • Understanding the Tax for Sole Trader, Partnership and Limited Liability Company and the due dates
  • Understanding  when to pay V.A.T.

Reduced price at $1,300TTD use the discount code DIS450

In general, these sessions are Feb to July and Sept to Nov.  Moreover, it is a one week session ideal for busy entrepreneurs.  



  • By-Laws and 2 Share Certificate $300TTD
  • Partnership Agreement $250TTD
  • Need support ask about our membership program

Payments are as follows:

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