Financial Planning Business Money


Our Financial Planning Business Money service offers practical solutions for you to assess and address your business financial situation.  In addition, you will receive targeted guidance that aligns with their specific situations.


Financial Planning Business Money Requirements:

  • Money Earned
    • Sales/ Other Sales/Dividends
  • Money Spent
    • Cost of Sales/Utilities/Rent/Donations/Salaries/Motor Vehicle Expenses
  • Money Borrowed
    • Mortgage/Vehicle Loan/Credit Card/Equipment Loan
  • Money Investment
    • Pension/Shares/Life/Critical Illness/Health

Furthermore, financial planning help you

  • manage your money better,
  • allocate resources when needed
  • track your cash flow and
  • pay your taxes on time.

Additionally, 3hrs Review Session:

  • understand your breakeven point,
  • increase your sales,
  • prepare for emergencies and
  • attain maximum profits


Payments are as follows:

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