This week…the small stuff – daily habits, shopping, and gym membership


The small stuff

This is only for those people in debt. If you’re just looking for more money to invest or save, you don’t need to watch every cent and never buy little things like coffee on the way to work. But if you are in debt, emergency!!


So you’re going to have to watch those little purchases that add up. Go through those expenses.  It’s this little stuff that can add up and that can be eliminated when you have a debt to pay off

Daily Habits

The daily coffee-buying habit gets stressed on a lot when talking about budgeting, and it’s well deserved. Don’t you have a coffee maker at home?


How is it that people who swear they can’t function without coffee but manage to shower, dress, and leave the house before they buy some of the way to work? No more Starbucks or Rituals.  Buy the best machine, beans, grounds, whatever else you require and make it at home. You will still be spending less.


Coffee is an easy target for this kind of spending, but it manifests in lots of other ways. Snacks at the cashier, a new nail polish or lipstick at Pennywise. None of these things alone will break you, but chances are, more money than you realise is going to this sort of stuff. Money that should be going into paying off your debt.



Almost anything you can buy new, you can buy used. And for less, often a lot less. Look through the classifieds for garage sales there!     Check online sites such as Thrifty Secondhand Store.  People get rid of a lot of stuff, some of it never used, worn, or even opened.


Clothes, appliances, kitchen items, all of this you can find at a second-hand store such as Goodwill. Sure, you need more time to look through random things to find what you’re looking for and it takes longer than running into West Mall or Gulf City and grabbing one off the shelf, but you will pay a lot less.


You shouldn’t be doing any clothes shopping, and if there is a wedding, graduation or similar event and you don’t have anything to wear and need something nicer than you can find at Goodwill, there is a local onsite that sells used graduation dresses and formal wear.


Gym membership

You might be spending money and not even realise it. That old gym membership…o you really go as often as you should?  Maybe at paying when you do go might be worth it!  Download online exercise videos, if you can’t sleep at one o’clock in the morning and quick workout may be just the thing you need!


Next week…the medium stuff and interest rates


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