This week…make some extra money


Make some extra money

It’s easier to cut spending than make more money but if you’re in a lot of debt, working only one job might just be your answer.  You need to have at least one additional income stream until you are out of the woods.  However, if you have significant family commitments this may not an option.

Work some overtime

This won’t be an option for everyone but if it is, speak to your boss and see if you can pick up a few extra hours.


Take a part-time job

Do you have weekends free or a few hours in the evening? This might not be realistic if you have a family, but if you’re single, put your social life on hold for a few months and pick up a part-time retail job. Christmas is coming and extra workers are needed around the holidays.


Start a side hustle

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. If you want to grow your own business, great, but if you just need some extra cash, you have lots of options. These offer a lot of flexibility that a traditional part-time job doesn’t.


Again it’s Christmas…black cake, punche de crème, chow chow, gift baskets?


Do you like kids? Make babysitting your side hustle.


Have a car?  Start your unofficial Uber service…elderly neighbours might hire you to take them to the grocery on weekends…


Sell stuff!  Selling the stuff you no longer need or selling things you make is a great way to make extra money. You don’t have to go to the trouble of having a garage sale. You can do it all online.


We are sure if you spending a little time thinking about this you will probably discover skills you didn’t even think you can use to bring in additional income!


Next week…How do we actually budget??


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“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.” – Robert Kiyosaki