Business Loan Financial Planning


Our Business Loan Financial Planning  focus on helping you acquire a loan when needed. Namely, this can be a loan to inject money into your business.


Business Loan Financial Planning Requirements:

  • Loan Amount
  • Repayment Value
  • Purpose of the Loan
  • Money Earned
    • Sales/ Other Sales/Dividends
  • Money Spent
    • Cost of Sales/Utilities/Rent/Donations/Salaries/Motor Vehicle Expenses
  • Money Borrowed
    • Mortgage/Vehicle Loan/Credit Card/Equipment Loan
  • Money Investment
    • Pension/Shares/Life/Critical Illness/Health/Equipment

Furthermore, the loan help you

  • manage your money better,
  • allocate resources when needed
  • track your cash flow and
  • pay your taxes on time.

Additionally, 3 years Cash flow Projection:

  • understand your breakeven point,
  • increase your sales,
  • prepare for emergencies and
  • attain maximum profits

5% of the loan value

Payments are as follows:


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