If you are embarking on a marketing campaign, you need to know exactly what will stimulate online growth and engagement. Text-based content is always going to be an integral part of marketing.  To really set yourself apart in the digital era, visual content must play a pivotal role in all of your efforts as 65% of people are visual learners, presentations with visual aides are more persuasive.


Authority sells. Today, the internet is full of ‘experts’ – people who have a certain amount of knowledge and expertise in a particular field. But if you establish your business as an authority in its industry, it’s a completely different ballgame and you can stand out from the competition.


People listen to authority. People trust authority figures to be right. So right that they’re worth listening to, following, sharing and loyally defending. Which is why establishing you and your team members and by proxy your business as an authority in your field is a crucial element of internet marketing.


One of the chief ways to build relationships with potential customers and earn their trust is to provide useful content on your website. Smart business owners realise that visitors who find useful information on their website are more likely to return for paid services, to exhibit brand loyalty, and to refer you to their social circles.


Traditional advertising is losing its influence. Customers don’t want to “be sold something”, they want proof of your expertise and knowledge.  Using video is the ideal platform from which to showcase your skills. It is the perfect medium to introduce your brand and show off your products and services. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain people’s trust and establish your authority.


Tell the story of the business.  Who would be the best person to tell that exciting story? The founder of course!  It is your idea.  You had the drive and passion to set the wheels in motion.  Explain the vision, the blood, sweat and tears that went into building your dream!   Remember that whatever tone you use will be a major influence on how people see your brand, so if you want to be seen as quirky, fun, happy or serious, make sure capture that in your video.


One way of building your authority is to use video to establish a sense of expertise in your field. This could be discussing the design and concept behind your products, or discussing the latest news in your industry.  Demonstrate your passion for your work.  Demonstrate the qualities of your products or services.   Believe your products and services are the best on the market.  Show how hard you work behind the scenes to give your customers maximum value.


A great way to establish your reputation as an authority amongst your contemporaries is by speaking at industry events. Bear in mind that if you record your speech and share it online, you will reach a much greater audience.


Interview people. If you feature or refer to people who already have a lot of attention online, their followers will be alerted to anything new about them. Therefore as soon as any new content is posted, they will head over to watch, naturally attracting more traffic to your website.


Finally, webinars are a valuable, cost-effective marketing tool to help establish your authority.  They are real-time online events or presentations hosted through a conferencing tool, using a combination of audio and visual. Because participants are required to register their name and email address to sign up, it’s a great way of getting qualified leads, as you already know they’re interested in the products or services you offer. Moreover, polls and surveys can be conducted in association with the seminar, giving you essential marketing data and the opportunity to engage with your audience.


Most importantly, however, webinars give you a platform to increase your credibility, visibility and trust, and to demonstrate your expertise. You can host different types of webinars depending on your goals. You can educate people through informative webinars, or use webinars to sell products or services. You can also run a Q&A webinar or one for coaching.  If you think you can educate people on a specific topic, or provide a solution for a target audience, why not consider hosting webinars as part of your digital marketing strategy?


Video is an essential marketing tool if you want to increase your web presence and establish your business as an authority in your industry. It provides a richer experience than a blog post or press release, and by using video to create explanations and establish your brand identity, you show yourself to be credible and reliable.


Think about what you’re willing to share.  Consider your inspirations, passions and any useful information. Take care not to mimic another brand, but to find your own voice and be yourself. Remember, you’re showing the world what your brand means and allowing people to engage with the humans behind the business.


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