Running a business is like giving birth to a child.  All you parents will understand especially mothers.

You need to be patient with it.  It is going to be trying. You will shed some tears.  You will want to give up.

This is why it’s important to have systems in place from the start.  Don’t wait til a year past or when you make your first profit to start having order.

This is a BIG mistake by many entrepreneurs.  They love to wing their business as we call it “parlour thinking”.

Again we come back to the point of MINDSET.  The way you think of your business is the way it will be. Same as the way you SPEAK about it.

You must act like your are a success not a snob, eh. Always VISUALIZE your business and yourself where you WANT to be.  Some people say that’s false hope but it is not.  This helps you keep FOCUS and PUSHES yourself to the NEXT LEVEL.

Most people will watch me and say that I am doing so well. For the past year and half, we were at our low.  We are now climbing back up.

I told my husband many times I want to give up.  He will always say running a business is a risk.  You gotta stick to it because you will be miserable back in the working world.

That’s was so true because in the working world I felt empty like I’m not doing what I should be.  When I’m up and about with entrepreneurs. It is so rewarding, enlightening like you are high for days.

I am so overjoyed when clients succeed and passing their set goals or budgets. It feels like my achievement as well. Life is too short, you need to celebrate everything.  That’s my philosophy.

This year for my business and myself was very educational and life building from building my family house to building a LEGACY for my business.

I had the best support from my husband, my siblings, my dad, my awesome children, my new sister-in-law aka Safiya, Lisa-Marie aka Mah and my girlfriends, a few new friends I made such as Adrian, Carla, Christopher, Cassia, Melena, Nicola, Tisha and my best business coach Adanna.

I am still learning new things but I am willing and ready for new changes ahead in 2017.


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“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.” – Robert Kiyosaki