15 years ago we made our dream a reality by registering our company ANGEL SERVICES where our aim was to assist startup and veteran businesses to make valuable management decisions, all geared toward assisting entrepreneurs secure themselves against bankruptcy. 

7 years ago our CEO Mrs. Letetia Superville-Barratt took that leap of faith and decided to become a full-time Entrepreneur and work towards building and growing the company, which definitely took some adjustment, and after prayerful thought, we changed the business name to DESTINY PLANNERS.


2018 We are proud to be celebrating our 2nd year of officially becoming a Limited Liability Company. This year was a year of Change, Restructuring and Growth for our company and as with any Growth and Restructuring, we decided to add a new member to our team Ms. Barnes our Communication Specialist who has been a key player in assisting in the restructuring of Destiny Planners Ltd. ensuring all changes occurred smoothly and rapidly.


As part of the Growth process, we took steps to Level Up in business operations and as a team :


  • As of January 17th 2018, Destiny Planners Ltd have officially become Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Certified


  • As of March 22nd 2018, Destiny Planners Ltd have officially become Quickbooks Online Certified. We therefore transitioned from our desktop accounting software, Peachtree Accounting to a cloud based Accounting Software, QuickBooks Online which provided us with the flexibility to be able to truly work remotely for our clients.


  • On April 30th 2018, Destiny Planners Ltd team had the privilege to see Ms Shanel Cooper-Skyes at her Sacred Conversation Event. This experience proved to be pivoting point for each of our lives.


The road to Success is not straight and narrow. It is difficult. When your business is out of whack sometimes your personal life may unfortunately suffer as a result of it.  You begin to ask yourself  questions such as: Is this making sense? Did I make the right decision to become an Entrepreneur? Should I just go back to Corporate life?  All these question we have ALL asked ourselves at some point in time on our Journey to Success. Running a business is by no means advised for the Faint Hearted or for persons who gives up easily, but it’s for the person with the Winning Attitude.  The person who doesn’t give up.  The person who is willing to go the extra mile to make the extra effort.  That’s what becoming an Entrepreneur is all about… It’s also your Story, your Journey to SUCCESS.  You can do it if only you believe and have faith and persevere.  


Sometimes with changes, growth and restructuring of business, loss of clientele would be part of the process but do not become disheartened. We at Destiny Planners Ltd despite having experienced such loss, was able to still transition to the level we envisioned our company heading. This was made possible by surrounding ourselves with a phenomenal team.



As 2019 approaches Destiny Planners Ltd has great things in store. We are launching a:


  • Business BootCamp Advance for Entrepreneurs to teach you how to manage your finances and file your tax returns on time before April 30th.  If you sign up now to claim your spot and take advantage of the early bird registration.


For those who simply don’t have the time to undertake the task of handle their accounting affairs for themselves we are here to help.


  • Sign up now to claim your spot and take advantage of the early bird registration. In addition those having more than 2 years Accounting and Taxation would be able to benefit from additional discount. 


As we reflect upon the end of yet another year, we must say that it warms the heart to see what once was a dream of Entrepreneurship in 2003, become a flourishing reality. To those on this journey of Entrepreneurship and may be experiencing difficulty, whether it is Economic, Health wise or devastation from the recent flooding that took place. Keep your head up, get up and keep moving forward.




On behalf  of Destiny Planners Ltd, Ms. Superville-Barratt would like to express our sincerest THANK YOU!! first and foremost to: 

  • Our Heavenly Father, without him none of this would be possible. The idea to pursue this journey, the passion and strength to continue during the difficult times and most importantly developing the Brand Name: Destiny Planners Ltd. 
  • To ALL our valued clients, who supported and continue to support us during our journey throughout the years and especially during our transition and restructuring this year 2018.
  • My sister Ms. Superville who has been her beacon since the start of this company. 
  • My brother Mr. Superville who gives his advise at times of need.  
  • My husband Mr. Barratt who supported and provided advice when things were overwhelming.
  • My children who were instrumental in providing creative advice on some of the company’s social media videos and pictures you would see. 
  • My friend and Communication Specialist Ms. Barnes who helped Level Up Destiny Planners Ltd to where we envisioned. 
  • My friend and Blog Specialist Ms. Thomas who helped maintain the blog for Destiny Planners Ltd, where we address financial issues our clients would have encountered.
  • My friend and Fitness Coach Ms. Young, PresNY Fitness who helped me achieve my fitness goals with her aqua fitness sessions, BEST decision ever in 2018.
  • My friend and Fashion Stylist Ms. Dick, Inspired Mélange who helped transform my wardrobe to match my continued weight loss in 2018. Definitely would require new pieces for 2019. 


   In closing we at Destiny Planners Ltd would like to leave you with an inspirational quote:

The 3 c’s in Life:  Choice, Chance, Change.  You must make the Choice, to take the Chance If you want anything to Change.


Happy New Year From the Management and Staff of Destiny Planners Ltd


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“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.” – Robert Kiyosaki