2017 proved to be a year of Change and Growth for Destiny Planners Ltd. This year we officially became a Limited Liability Company.  This move definitely takes some adjustment. Like many who have made that transformation to LLC, you will realize that your biggest business expenses is Payroll, since you now have to account for the two-thirds portion of the National Insurance Contribution, which is a deductible expense. We at Destiny Planners Ltd  decided to highlight the following challenges encountered that can also be relatable to many LLC Business Entrepreneurs.

  • Cash Flow – I am sure those who have made that transformation to LLC, we have encountered this problem with cash flow to pay these expenses. Cash Flow becomes difficult when clients or customers don’t pay their outstanding debts on time.

  • Receivable – Have you ever wondered why is it so difficult for clients or customers to stay on track with their payments? One thing we have noticed unfortunately, is that most Local Entrepreneurs love the concept of FREE stuff and find it difficult to pay for the time and effort invested in them, especially when they have already received the Service or Product. Why has it become a normal practice to insist to renegotiate prices quoted for services rendered? Person have even gone as far as suggesting what the value of a required service should be. This practice is not only distasteful but also deemed Disrespectful to the Service Provider.  If you are unable to afford the service, the respectable thing to do would be to decline the service until you are able to afford to do so.

  • Outstanding Funds – This topic I am sure resonates with all Entrepreneurs alike. Persons that have outstanding debts, are advised to make contact with the Service Provider and discuss a viable payment plan option, that can assist in repayment of outstanding debts.  We all would agree that such practices would not be engaged with the bigger Establishments, therefore should not be taken for granted that such practices would be welcomed by up and coming Entrepreneurs. Payment for a Product or Service received should be understood.

  • Know Your Worth – Let’s talk about Discounts and Pro Bono otherwise known as freebies. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that it’s YOUR time you are giving away and Time Is Money. Therefore very careful consideration should be given regarding when or who Discounts and Pro Bono Services be offered. Entrepreneurs should ALWAYS keep in mind that, you’ve earned it so you should get paid for it…bottom line.  This is a clear way of  identifying who your ideal clients would be for your business.

As 2018 approaches our motto as Entrepreneurs should be Work Smarter not Harder.”  At Destiny Planners Ltd we will be looking at ways to maximize investments in not only Business but also in Personal Development based on the points highlighted above. Entrepreneurs keep in mind, it’s not just about making the money, but also about being able to be enjoy the fruits of our labour. Our advice to you for 2018 would be to become a Holistic Entrepreneur by using the technique called Rinse and Repeat.


What is Rinse and Repeat you may ask? This refers to systems or formulas used that assisted you in achieving great results. Taking those same systems or formulas, refining it and reusing it to further achieve Growth and Development. This is why it’s important to have proper systems in place so you can identify your business trends and analyse what is working to achieve those goals.


In closing we want to acknowledge that having a business should not be just about status.  You have to nurture it into what you want it to become, which takes time and effort.  Therefore the Laissez Faire approach towards business, should no longer be the approach for 2018 going forward. We are not saying everyday will be AWESOME.  You will have those days when you want to just roll into a ball and cry all day because you are giving your all,  yet you are receiving nothing.  That feeling of Oh #?*! What to do next.  Yes we all have those days, but you MUST get up and keep moving forward there is no time to engage in that pity party approach.


The road to Success is not straight and narrow. It is difficult. When your business is out of whack sometimes your personal life may unfortunately suffer as a result of it.  You begin to ask yourself  questions such as: Is this making sense? Did I make the right decision to become an Entrepreneur? Should I just go back to Corporate life?  All these question we have ALL asked ourselves at some point in time on our Journey to Success. Running a business is by no means advised for the Faint Hearted or for persons who gives up easily, but it’s for the person with the Winning Attitude.  The person who doesn’t give up.  The person who is willing to go the extra mile to make the extra effort.  That’s what becoming an Entrepreneur is all about… It’s also your Story, your Journey to SUCCESS.  You can do it if only you believe.  For 2018 going forward, our aim at Destiny Planners Ltd would be to Work Smart and Increase Our Investment Portfolio. We hope that you were able to benefit from our words of wisdom.


Happy New Year From the Management and Staff of Destiny Planners Ltd



A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. – Henry Ford