Paycation Travel is one of the leading providers of travel services and travel education in the world and utilises a group of travel partners that help Paycation provide the best values for its vacation programme and member base.  Paycation works with Xstream Travel (a 12-year old travel agency) to provide members professional training to become a Certified Travel Consultant.


It gives you the ability to manage a successful business right from the comfort of your home. Whether you are a retiree, student, a stay at home mom, doctor, or a full time, hardworking, yet underpaid employee.


Paycation Travel entered the network marketing or affiliate marketing business model to help leverage a strong customer base.  The company’s network of independent distributors is the way the company promotes or shares their service with prospects or new leads. Customers get access to discounted costs on vacation packages, hotels and resorts, car rentals and cruises



There are several ways to earn an income and make money that provide both instant commissions along with monthly recurring commissions for your business.  As you sponsor new distributors and build your team, you’ll earn personal sales commissions, coded bonuses and matching coded bonuses.  The better you are at duplicating your efforts and helping your entire team and other members build their own teams, the more you’ll earn in coded and matching coded bonuses!


You can simply join Paycation Travel Club (PTC) to enjoy the best prices on all types of vacations and custom trips.  Alternately you can just become an  Independent Associate (IA), and refer the PTC programme to your friends, family and co-workers, you can turn Paycation Travel into serious savings and a great income opportunity.  You also have the option to become a Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) and earn on all the travel you take or refer to your personal travel site or the corporate office.


There are three different Packages at Paycation Travel…

Travel Club Member Independent Associate (IA):  As an Independent Associate you become a member of the Travel Club.  IA’s earn on personal sales and are eligible to qualify for the Paycation Residual Commission Programme.

A Referral Travel Consultant (RTC):  This package includes the Paycation Travel Club and comes with your personal online travel website plus travel booking portal and back office to track your organisational growth and commissions. Referral Travel Consultants also earn 65% of the Travel Commissions on all travel they refer to their travel portal and 20% on travel referred to the corporate travel department.  As a Referral Travel Consultant you can participate in the commission programme and qualify for coded bonuses and leadership bonuses.

Certified Travel Consultant (CTC):  Once an RTC takes the Certified Travel Training and passes the certification test they will be upgrade to a Certified Travel Consultant for Xstream Travel.

As a CTC you get everything in the RTC package and will maximise travel commissions and work direct with top travel suppliers in the travel industry.  You earn 75% of the commission on all travel you book direct or refer to your travel portal and 20% of all travel commissions on travel you refer to the corporate travel office.


The truth is, the majority of Paycation representatives don’t see the success they were hoping or expected to receive because they don’t build a long term and profitable business by not generating new leads and prospects for the business. Just like any business, you need fresh target leads and interested prospects every single day.


Without leads you can’t make any money, and without money you can’t build a successful and profitable business!


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“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.” – Robert Kiyosaki